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Different Species of Wolves

The Gray Wolf


The Gray Wolf's present territory includes Canada and Alaska with smaller populations in other western states bordering Canada. The Gray Wolf's territory used to cover all of North America to the southern borders of Chihuahua and Durango in Central America. They are able to survive in all habitats except the tropics and extremely arid deserts.

A pure bred gray wolf is a very large animal. The demensions of the gray wolf are:

               length: 4.5 to 6 feet including tail
               height:  2 to 5 feet at the shoulder
Females are usually smaller than males. Not all gray wolves are gray. They can range from black to white with traces of gold, tan, brown and rust.

Gray Wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act in the United States, except Alaska.

The Wolf-Dog Hybrid

There is no set physical appearance of a wolf-dog, since there are so many different breeds of dogs. Generally, the wolf-dog is larger than the wolf and dog which they are bred from.

There is much controversy centering around the wolf hybrid. Much of this controversy deals with their behavior. While some say the hybrids are dangerous and agressive, others say that they are friendly and playful and much better pets than some breeds of dog. Since there are so many breeds of dog, the hybrid's behavior is often unpredictible.

The popularity of these animals has grown dramatically over the years.

El Lobo

Canis Lupus Baileyi


El Lobo is the most endagered wolf in North America. Only a few exist in zoos, and some are being released in the South West United States. Since they have been out of the wild for so long, it is really hard for El Lobo to adjust to their new life. Many will die just from the shock, and others will die because of human ignorance. Even though these wolves are clearly an endangered species, some still believe in exterminating them to protect livestock. How many sheep are on this planet in comparison to Mexican Wolves?

The Red Wolf

Canis Rufus


There are some doubts that the red wolf is a wolf at all, but a wolf-coyote hybrid. Even if the red wolf is a wolf-coyote hybrid, they have existed long enough to be considered a separate species and should be considered endangered. The red wolf is much smaller than the gray wolf. An adult male weighs 50 to 80 pounds, while the gray wolf weighs 70 to 110. The red wolf has a short coat compared to the gray wolf.

Red wolves used to inhabit the southeast United States from Texas to Virginia. Now they exist in a few isolated spots within the southeast United States. The red wolf almost became extinct in the 1960's. Many efforts were made to restore them. They were captured and bred to increase their numbers and to prevent them from mating with coyotes.